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The world's leading cryptocurrency high frequency trade & hedge platform, built exclusively for BitMEX

Winston is the most capable HFT platform in the world

Multiple Trading Strategies

Build your complete portfolio with multiple professional trading approaches including market making and risk hedging & customize each to your risk tolerance.

Multiple Asset Classes

Winston can trade spot currencies & derivative futures contacts simultaneously, allowing you to manage exposure with precision down to the dollar.

50 Simultaneous Accounts

Winston can continuously trade in 50 simultaneous accounts, each operating a different strategy & balance, even using different asset classes, 24 hours per day.

Faster Than a Human Trader

Winston is capable of making millions of trades per day, each executed 1,000X faster than any human could perform.

Additional Features

Single Trade

Manage up to 50 accounts from a single screen without the need to retrieve market data separately

Cloud Based

Access Winston's powerful trading array anywhere using an encrypted SSH cloud-hosted control panel

Live Risk

Winston performs millions of calculations per second & analyzes liquidation risk in real time


Retrieve deposit addresses &  their respective QR codes directly from your trading screen

Integrated 2 Factor Withdrawals

Using independent 2 factor authorization, make withdrawals directly from your main display

Free TradingView Display

Market data is presented on TradingView live charts embedded in the main trade screen 


Download account settlement reports for every trading account in 30 seconds with a single click

Live Accounting Display

Get detailed treasury information that dynamically reflects your positions & total equity

Strategy Risk Calculator

Evalute the risk in your custom built strategies before ordering Winston to execute in the live market

Automatic E-mail Notifications

Winston will e-mail you based on custom parameters & events you want to manually review

Priority API Connection

Winston operates on a calibrated, front-running API connection for priority order positioning

Operational Log Library

Every action taken by Winston is logged, as is every marketplace error or API feedback message

Winston's cutting-edge technology is impervious to hacks & breaches

How is Winston secured?

You will only be able to access your Winston trade panel using a secure SSH-encrypted data tunnel from an approved device.  It is impossible to hack Winston's cloud from any device that is not yours.

What redundancies are there?

Winston can be programmed to only interact with your unique BSSID and/or VIPA.  Any unvalidated communication attempts are logged & reported to your designated devices.

What is Winston's emergency "Plan-B"?

If Winston senses a breach or a radical change of trade instructions, it is capable of requiring additional supervisory overview & manual approving, giving you piece of mind.

What support do I receive?

The security of the Winston mainframe is monitored in real time, 24/7 by our secure operations offices located in several timezones around the world, each with redundant power & independent server backups.

Winston is built & operated by the world's premier FinTech laboratory, Rosslyn Technology.  Based in Wyoming, USA, Rosslyn Technology LLC has been responsible for some of the most transformative software solutions of the 2000's.  The Winston mainframe system is supervised by Rosslyn Technology staff members.  In addition, all Winston clients have 24/7 access to their tech support team.  We guarantee 100% uptime of every Winston system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winston is a cloud-based operating system that is serviced by a central mainframe.  You do not need any physical equipment to operate Winston.  You will need to create your own BitMEX trading accounts, however.

Your Winston system will be a turn-key cloud-based trading & hedging solution that will be operational 24/7 with 100% uptime.  You will have the ability to trade on up to 50 BitMEX accounts.  You will be given SSH-encrypted access to your Winston trading control panel that is accessible from your internet-connected device.

Yes, we encourage you to do so!  We do not charge royalties or fees for any ancillary products you develop.

We will provide you written and video training materials to ensure your complete understanding about how to operate Winston.  You should be competant in BitMEX trading and know the concepts of hedging risk, managing exposure, dollar cost averaging, synthetic currency use to mitigate counterparty risk and derivatives trading.

Yes, Winston currently serves large financial institutions and is scalable without limit.

Yes, please send an expression of interest to:



This is the Winston base stack with
trading on up to 50 BitMEX accounts
$ 350monthly
  • Cloud-based trading control panel
  • Support for up to 50 BitMEX accounts
  • 24/7 support with 100% uptime


Add 50 additional BitMEX accounts to
the Winston Standard Single Stack
$ 250monthly
  • Support for up to 50 additional BitMEX accounts
  • All standard features of Single Stack
  • 24/7 support with 100% uptime


This is the Winston institutional stack with
trading on up to 500 BitMEX accounts
$ 2500monthly
  • Cloud-based trading control panel
  • Support for up to 500 BitMEX accounts
  • 24/7 support with 100% uptime

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